Athletics: Game Changer 10K Run on Sunday

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Bangalore, August 25: The first edition of the Game Changer 10K Run, organised by The Game Changer, is all set to take place on 26th August at Sahakar Nagar Grounds. The run will witness some of India’s top runners as well as amateurs and first-time runners.

The GameChanger 10K Run is the beginning of a series of events across Bangalore aimed towards driving the youth of Bangalore to a fitter, healthier and sportier future

The Game Changer director Raksha Ramaiah are focused on combating the sedentary lifestyles many youth of today are leading and give them a choice to lead active lives and make a tangible change for themselves and society.

For this event, we are also associated with the NGO Reaching Hand that is dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth and helping them lead a purposeful and healthy life.

We’re also inviting 310 Army personnel to run with us in an effort to formally recognise the armed forces’ efforts towards relief initiatives in all areas affected by the inclement weather in South India.

The run is divided into 3 sections, a 10K competitive timed run, a 5K competitive timed corporate run, and a 5K non-timed run for the cause. All events are open to men & women.


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