Here are some safety measures for cricketers post lockdown


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across continents, all international, domestic and local sports events have taken a major hit.

While the contact sports are completely put on hold while non-contact sport such as cricket has come up with new guidelines considering the safety of the players and officials.

Here below are some new rules for cricketers to follow post the lockdown:

  • Both the teams and umpires with sit in different dugouts or designated areas.
  • Umpires will do Thermal screening of all the players in front of both the captains before the toss.
  • No player would be allowed to use sweat or saliva to shine the ball and they will also refrain from spitting in the ground.
  • Teams must not share their cricket gear especially wicket keeping gloves. (Subject to teams’ understanding and wishes)
  • Teams should not celebrate when an opponent’s wicket falls or make a huddle or victory celebration to maintain social distance.
  • Post-match handshakes must be avoided and greetings can be shared from a distance.
  • Electronic payment is encouraged for all transactions related to the tournament or match.
  • Packaged drinking water will be provided by the organizers. There will be two bottles per player and 22 bottles per team will be handed over to captain during the match.
  • Teams are requested not to stay back at the venue after the match and make space for the team arriving for the next game. We request players to use sanitizers and head home as soon as the match ends.
  • The staff at the venue will clean the chairs/benches with disinfectant before and after the match starts. There is a 30-minute gap between every game to take these measures.




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