KPL betting: Four players summoned by Central Crime Branch


Bengaluru, September 21: Four Karnataka Premier League have been summoned by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) officials regarding the cricket betting scam to ascertain the nexus in detail.

In a report published in Deccan Herald on Sunday, the CCB detained and questioned Ali Asfak Thara, owner of Belagavi Panthers team, for his alleged involvement in match-fixing in the KPL matches.

The report further added that during the course of investigations and analysing his laptops and mobile phones, the CCB team came to know that four players were in constant contact with Ali before and after the matches and sometimes even during the matches which is a violation of the guidelines of KPL.

It has been suspected that Ali was in constant touch with bookies involved in betting during the KPL and would extract match information from players for sharing them with the bookies for personal gains.

As a team owner, Ali has easy access to information from the players and could move around without anyone doubting him, a senior police officer informed DHNS.


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