Nine Karnataka players in Gautam Gambhir’s Funngage PowerPlayer camp


Bengaluru, March 16: Earlier this year, Funngage PowerPlayer,  a Cricket Scholarship Program was launched with former India star cricket Gautam Gambhir as the brand ambassador.

This nation-wide initiative that attracted aspiring cricket from the age groups of 12 to 24 years has reached the final stage of the selection trials.

In the first batch of the scholarship program for the cricketers, six Karnataka players are in the selected 33 players list to attend the camp in Meerut from Monday.

Jayesh babu, Likhith Bannur, Ruchir Joshi, Mashooq Hussain, Sachin NS, Vidwath, Macniel, Angadraj H, Azaan Thota are in the 33 shortlisted players for the upcoming 15-day camp.

Benefits of the program:

This program fixates its aim to examine the cricketing talents of boys and girls in the age group of 12-24 years. The talents who get selected for the scholarship program will receive a fully paid for Cricket Development Scholarship with a three-week of training camp in Perth, Australia at Guildford Grammar, under the supervision of former South African Test Cricketer, HD Ackerman. The objective is to provide financial and administrative support to these budding talents.

The Cricket Scholarship that will span for five years will include everything free of cost. Starting from Cricket coaching, cricket equipment to training and travel costs. The scholarship will also cover the costs for medical and physiotherapy sessions for the players.


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