Senior state netball: Big wins for GAT girls on Day 1

Global Academy of Technology (left) team with MES Sports Club on Wednesday.

Bengaluru, March 13: Global Academy of Technology girls scored easy victories on the opening day of the 2nd Senior State League Netball Championship for Men and Women organized jointly by Global Academy of Technology and Amateur Netball Association of Karnataka, here on Wednesday.

In the Pool C, GAT first defeated MES Sports Club 16-12 and later beat Belgaum 16-10 to begin their day on a winning note.

Results (Day 1): Men: Pool A: SWSA beat EWIT 14-05; Bangalore Attacker beat Tumkur District 19-10; SWSA beat AVM Bangalore 15-06; Bangalore Attackers beat AVM 15-08; SWSA beat Tumkur Dist. 13-03.

Pool B: Belgaum dist. beat GAT, RR Nagar 18-09; Bangalore rural beat Eagals Sports Club 13-08; Bangalore rural beat Belgaum 15-05

Pool C: Hassan beat Vijayanagar Sports Club 13-10; MES Sports Club beat KNSIT 17-05; Hassan beat KNSIT 18-10; MES Sports club beat Vijayanagar Sports Club 15-10.

Pool D: Chikmangalore dist beat Ajay Sports Club 12-09; ASC beat TMET 17-06; Ajay Sports Club, Mangalore beat Udupi, Dist 21-09; Chikmangalore beat TMET 15-05; Chickmangalore beat Udupi District 14-13

Women: Pool A:  Zeal sports club beat MLAC, Bangalore 16-12; Zeal sports club beat Tumkur 18-12

Pool B: VVS Bashwanagar beat Shivamogga 15-08; BMSCW beat Shivamogga 18-12; BMSCW beat SABS Kengeri 20-14

Pool C: GAT, Bangalore beat MES Sports Club 16-12; Eagles Sports Club beat Begaum Dist 11-08; GAT, Bangalore beat Eagals Sports Club 16-10; GAT, Bangalore beat Belgaum 16-10

Pool D: Bangalore Rural beat EWIT 17-10; Star Sports Club beat NMKRV 12-08; Bangalore Rural beat Star Sports Club 14-09; EWIT beat NMKRV 12-08; Bangalore Rural beat NMKRV 18-12.


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