Stage set for second leg of KPL in Mysuru


Mysuru, August 23: The second and final leg of the Karnataka Premier League was launched here on Friday in the August presence of HH Pramoda Devi Wadiyar.

The last 10 matches of the premier tournament will begin in this princely city after a day’s rest on Sunday, leading up to the final on August 31. The first 15 matches were held in Bangalore, with that leg’s last two matches slated for later in the evening.

Mysuru Warriors skipper Amit Verma and their lynchpin J Suchith, who is originally from Mysuru, were present at the event, alongside Hon. Karnataka State Cricket Association secretary Sudhakar Rao and KPL ambassador Ragini Dwivedi.

“The tournament has been a big success so far,” said Sudhakar Rao. “We have had good crowds in Bangalore, and a huge television audience too. We can expect bigger crowds in Mysore. That’s one of the charms of Mysore. The people here love cricket, and we can’t wait to get started here.”

The KPL has been played in honour of Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar since his passing in 2013. The crowned king of Mysore was the Karnataka State Cricket Association president between 2007 and 2010 before being re-elected in 2013.

“My husband loved cricket. He was always very passionate about sports but something about cricket always called to him,” the late king’s wife said. “It is also one of the reasons why he was so excited about becoming president for the second time.”

HH Pramoda Devi continued: “This tournament, which is organised in memory of him, is very dear to me. I have followed it quite closely. I am very happy with the work the KSCA is doing with the KPL. We are always open to helping the KSCA with anything.”


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