Virat Kohli pushed wrong players at times: Former Royal Challengers Bangalore coach

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Former Royal Challengers Bangalore coach Ray Jennings believes current captain Virat Kohli at times pushed the wrong set of players in the previous season of the Indian Premier League.

Despite fielding a strong batting order, RCB has failed each year to fire on all cylinders. Lack of potential in the bowling department has affected their trophy run since the beginning of IPL.

Jennings, who had coached RCB between 2009 and 2014, told, “If I have to look back then I would say that in IPL there used to be 25-30 players (in the squad) and it was the coach’s duty to look after all the players. Sometimes he was a bit of a loner in the team. Sometimes, he backed the wrong players. But, you can’t blame him for that. I wanted certain players to bowl or bat in certain conditions/situations but he had different ideas”.

Under the South African Jennings, RCB entered the title clash twice but couldn’t cross the final hurdle. “See, IPL is very different from international cricket. In six weeks’ time, some players can pick from, and some may go awry. So, someone in the group needs to be there all the time. When I was there certain players should have played more but he has different views. However, that is in the past and it’s nice to see him maturing day by day and he will start winning IPL trophies,” he said.

Jennings worked with Kohli in the initial years and watched him grow as a complete cricketer. “Virat Kohli has always been an unbelievable cricket brain. He sets very high standards (for himself), and we went along despite one or two problems. You needed somebody around Virat to guide him (at that point in time). Of course, he and I bumped a few times, but he is a good guy and a very quick learner. Nice to see him grow as a player and now as a captain. His mannerism is great. His best is yet to come,” Jennings said.


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